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Also got some of these to try out against the Dukes and have to say they are just about the exact same trap for a dollar less ...

They have machine chain , 3 swivels and are powder coated brown , will see how they work , anyone use both and which do you like better ?
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they are a great trap = to or better (powdercoated) than the dukes.

The only thing I don't prefer is the 2 way trigger.
I used both, had equal success but I do prefer the double trigger. Get them coming or going.
I use 24 z-traps, they work great.
I trapped one side or our farm with Z-traps and my freind trapped the other side with Dukes. I can't say one worked better than the other. He id have two pull outs while I had zero pull outs. I believe I had two fired traps with nothing in them. I believe this was due to mice setting off the trigger on the "push" but they were below the wire and didn't get caught.

My Z-traps were brand new and his Dukes were 1 or 2 years old but the Z-traps had a much stronger spring. I am not sure if it is because of the age difference or if the Z's come with better springs.

I like the Z traps stabalizing system except for when the ground was frozen solid, then that washer on the stake was hard to get down through the frozen ground, but in non-frozen ground the Z's were much more stable.

I bought the Z's because they were cheaper and was completely happy with them. If the Dukes were cheaper, I would have purchased them and I am sure I would have been completely happy with them.

If you buy the Z-traps make sure you grind the powder coating off of the the dog and trigger. I didn't catch a coon in mine until I did that. I believe the trigger was getting snagged on the powder coating and not allowing them to fire.
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Adam said:
I used both, had equal success but I do prefer the double trigger. Get them coming or going.
Is there any difference on how high or how low on the pad your catching them compared to the dukes?
I usually catch them way above the pad in the dukes. They have their whole arm in there trying to get what's below the trigger
I just bought 6 ZTraps to try next year. They seem to be a little nicer than the Duke DP's and they were a little less money. I got mne at Cocolamus Creek.
I never really paid attention. They're there. That's all I care about.
Nice catch Hern, That's one nice looking double.
Look closely in the background behind the dead log. There is a second one waiting in line to take a ride in my truck.

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Go with the coon daggers, they are $165 a dozen and free shipping from sudden valley trapping supply
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