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HUNTINGTON MILLS - The United Sportsmen Camp 271 participated in its first Youth Pheasant Hunt in the conjunction with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

In all, 21 youth hunters from ages 12 to 16 participated in the hunt. Families ranging from Tioga County to Bucks County were in on the hunt. With 20 members present for the Sportsmen's, each group was given hands on instruction.

Through the Game Commission, Camp 271 was given two pheasants for every youth hunter participating. In the 4E zone, clubs were given 1 female to every 10 males.

A total of 10 birds were killed. Following the hunt, the youth came back to the clubhouse and were treated to a lunch with hot dogs and hamburgers. The club members also offered trap shooting and the cleaning of the birds, which the kids appreciated.

This was the club's first pheasant hunt through the Game Commission, although they have stocked birds in past years. In 2014, Camp 271 expects to have the hunt bigger and better. We will keep you posted on registration for the event.

Here is the website for those who are interested to see a photo of some of the kids and a demonstration video as well. If the website link is not allowed I can email the picture to someone.
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