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Youth essay contest...

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Any chance you guys can spread the word about the HPA youth essay contest??? See youth forum...A member gave me $100 towards prizes and we only had one submission so to get some submitted to breath some life into it and hear from someo kids.
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Hi Rooster

That entry was from my nephew Zaine. I told him he must enter or he can't go to turkey camp HAHA. He would enter anyway because he loves the outdoors. His dad does not hunt so he has been with me since he turned 12 years old. Zaine has hunted coyote with 10 different members of HPA. He was the youth who put down GalThatFishes in the dunking booth for muttleysgone during the Sept event.

I have also sent pm's to some other youth hoping they will enter. I will send a new pm to them. I was wondering why there has been such a poor response to this thread. I feel it would be great to see pages of entry's. I will do all I can to promote it.
Has me puzzled on the lack of reponse too???

I made it a global to get it in all forums.

Please do what you can.

BTW, Ziane's essay was AWESOME! He might be getting the whole $100
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He will spend that on Archery supplies. The kid lives for archery hunting. Last time at my camp for coyote hunting he and win.1300 were down at the camp pond until 1am shooting sunfish with bows. They then brought them up to camp and were skinning them on my deck before you knew it they were at the fire pit roasting them with sticks. I expect win.1300 to enter one.
I just sent it out to our MS and HS principals
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