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Your Zero after barrel change?

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All my Encore barrels have been zero'd and shot in. However once removed and then reinstalled do you think it still has it's original zero?
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Some guys say the Zero changes some say it does not change??
I cured that problem...........I bought a frame for each barrel!! LOL

When I switched from my Encore syn stock set to a PH stock set, my POI changed with every brl swap. I switch to a Boyds laminate stock and beded the forend, POI shifts are now a thing of the past.

A buddys of mines Encore has zero POI problems with his PH stock set. Its just a problem you have or no not have.
Jon, what do you mean when you say you bedded it?
Mine never moved its dead on from 5yd to 600yds the scope is on the barrel and if you use good mounts you should not have any trouble good luck and happy shootttttting.
Pro Hunter actions can accept regular Encore Barrels but one still has to use the Pro Hunter Forearm? Wonder if this could be a problem...Regular Encore barrels and Pro Hunter Forearms?

Also know of some people that use gaskets on the forearms and carve out the synthetic forearm so they shoot well.

Most times I use the Wood Encores and so far every barrel that I shoot from the wood forearm shoots accurate...
I suppose I will have to reinstall a barrel and take it to the range and see just where it hits zero again..

I could reinstall one and take a shot at a couple of chucks with it too...
I made 3/8" square pillars at the bolt holes. Pillars are 3-4 blue tape layers thick, with glass bedding. Just enough to get it off the forend.
stack e'm high said:
Mine never moved its dead on from 5yd to 600yds the scope is on the barrel and if you use good mounts you should not have any trouble good luck and happy shootttttting.
This is the general thought on this topic. Ive read so many of these posts. Some say the problem is harmonics. When the barrel is not floating and touches the plastic fore end.

I am "the buddy" Jon talked about. My Encore shoots great after barrel changes. I cant explain it.
I would not have believed it if it did not happen to me... For years I read posts from guys saying how a $20 piece of hard plastic would "bend" a 26" 0.80" dia steel barrel with a scope mounted directly to the barrel. I can see where a 700BDL can change POI with the scope being mounted to the action and the stock is a one piece design, but a 2 piece stock?!?!?!? It happens!!!

After months of frustration and lost ground hog kills I found it was not a loose scope ring, broken scope, hinge pin, how I was shooting the gun, weather conditions etc. I'd swap brls, take the same shooting position/lot of reloaded ammo and the POI would change 2-9". The group from the shifted POI would produce the same sub MOA groups.

Do I think that the synthetic forend I had was junk... no. I believe that some guns are just prone to this.

I believe this is similar to the problem that guys have with hammer extensions. Some guns can not take a hammer extension from day one and some can use the extension with no problems for years.

The only true way to fix this without any doubt is to buy a frame for each brl but this defeats the purpose of the Encore system (sorry Dave). Eventually I would like to buy a frame just for varmint hunting where accuracy is more important and keep this one for loader and deer hunting.
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I so love that 17 Remington Encore barrel that I have that I have made it a dedicated Encore... I will never change the barrel out on this particular wooden stock action... Wow it shoots great and there are times I might end up hunting coyotes 365 days a year so it's there if I need it..
Also wow.....Shooting chucks with a 17 Center Fire has now made me enjoy woodchuck hunting even more....

So I think there is a time to make a Encore gun dedicated and then there is a time to make another Encore a change out action to use any barrel one desires..
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