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My youngest brother isn't the most serious hunter out there. He gets out with a rifle a few times a year and never really took the interest in bowhunting. He shot his first deer last year. We wanted to take him out this year during the youth rifle season as it was his last year to qualify for it.

I was at work until 4:00 PM today. Around quitting time, I texted my brother and asked him if he wanted to take the rifle for a walk along the field edges where I killed my buck almost 2 weeks ago. He said yea! It was a SW wind, which was perfect for the stand that I shot my buck out of which is on the edge of a bean field. My goal was to be in the stand by 5:00 PM.

By the time I got home, I stuffed my face with a meatball sandwich. I asked him to get all of his gear together so we could hit the woods ASAP. As we drive 3 minutes to our spot, we see deer out in the yards already. We quietly pull off the road and walk to our stand. It was 4:45 when we climbed the 2 person ladder stand I killed my buck from.

As I was getting tied in and situated, my brother looks to the south and immediately sees a deer 40 yards or so away on the ATV trail my buck walked up from. I don't see her immediately as my view is obscured and I don't want to move and spook her off. I get the video camera on and see the doe. It was a big doe, looking at us. I asked if he had a clear shot. He said his shot was wide open.

BOOOOOM. The doe bounds off. I don't think she is hit. I was fooling around with the camera and didn't have the best view of the deer to begin with so I didn't see how she reacted to the shot. He said she hesitated then ran off. We get down to check the area. We find no sign of a hit. I check the video footage. Dummy me didn't hit the record button.

We decide to cross the road and hit up the other fields on the farm. We stick our nose in the woods and see some doe. He didn't have an ethical shot, so we didn't take it. We proceed to walk up closer to some houses (but still well out of the safety zone) where I thought some deer would be bedded down. Turns out there was some activity in the north field so by 6:10 PM I gave my brother the option to wait it out here or go back to the field where the truck is parked and near where he missed.

We decide to sneak back along the field edges in an attempt to walk several hundred yards to our original location. However we don't get far! We walked 40 yards or so and come over a hill. My brother stops in his tracks and says there are deer to our east. The wind was blowing right at them.

This time I hit the record button and zoomed in on the deer. I see a lone button buck. We didn't have a safe shot at him as there was no back drop and we couldn't see anything below his neck. We duck down and crawl forward 10 yards. I poke my head up and see a different deer, 20 yards south of where I saw the button buck. I wanted him to shoot this doe, but anything less than a 3" spike was legal for him so I was going to let him decide.

I get the video recording again and see a few other deer hidden in the beans. He says he has a clear shot, so I told him to take it.

BOOOOOM thunders the 30.06. I see a deer jump in the air and I said good shot you got her. He reloads and I tell him to shoot at the same deer again. BOOOOOM. The deer disappears in the beans.

We step quickly towards the deer and he shoots a couple more times as the deer wasn't dead yet. I say congrats and instruct him to fill out his doe tag! I text a few people, including our father, the pics. He gets back to me in 20 minutes or so and asks to hear the story!

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