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You Can't Ban Evil - Must Watch Video on 2nd A

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This one is going to surprise more than a couple of you guys. Perhaps blow a stereotype away.

More - this video is one that you can share far and wide with pride and in the full knowledge that it will have an impact and will be watched once started.

The final statement is so powerful and correct - that the rest it just resonates and supports the rest of the video.

Don't give the who and what away... but pass on this video...
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Finally a person that has the guts to say they WERE anti gun... and realizes that to protect yourself and your loved ones you have to fight evil... because no one knows when evil will knock on YOUR door.

Well put young lady... well put
An excerpt from one of my other posts about evil:

NO MORE NEW GUN LAWS. Enforce the ones that are already on the books, and protect soft targets like sports arenas, schools, malls, etc. We have to wake up and realize that there's evil out there. Not just kids that wanna live out their video game fantasies, but there are adult terrorists as well. It won't be long till we see one of those in the news as well. A van load of well armed Islamic terrorists can do a lot a bad. Protect soft targets. We can do it now, after have had several soft targets hit by domestic terrorists, or we can wait till the Middle east wackos do the same thing, and then protect soft targets. When in doubt, as far as dealing with terrorists...ask "What is Israel doing now?" They protect soft targets.

Fort Hood, just as the movie theater in Colorado, and the Sandy Hook event are domestic terrorist attacks. Maybe the gov't should call them as such.

Oh wait! Terrorism is OVER! I forgot! We got Bin Laden, so we are all friends now. My mistake.
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Excellent video, OP thank you so much for sharing, I will be passing this along to many. Very well put.
Absolutely the best video I have seen yet on this issue! Thanks BT!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be forwarding this!
I did too
That was great !!
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