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What an outstanding day we had to on a foray with Erastern Penn Mushroom Assoc... We found all kinds of shrooms and the people in the club are all nice and willing to share their knowledge with who ever wants to listen.. There are quite a few mushroom clubs in Pa across the state.. .The Eastern Club, The Western club, The Centre County area club, the Wyoming Valley mushroom club... For $20.00 you can learn which mushrooms are the best to eat plus talk and meet unique outdoor persons...I'm going to post a web site below that will enable you to find a mushroom club in all 50 states .. So many of hunting Pa visitors out of Pa can find and join a club in your area of your state...

6,486 Posts
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Central Pennsylvania Wild Mushroom Club

PO Box 450
Lemont, PA 16851
Email: centralpamushroomclub [at]
President: Allan Sutley
New member 2010 | Club trustee: David Robb

Eastern Penn Mushroomers

393 Waters Road
York, PA 17403-4751
Email: epmclub [at]
Contact: Cheryl Dawson
President: Shawn Moyer
Member since 1994 | Club Trustee: Gary Emberger

Mycological Association of Greater Philadelphia

112 W Hillendale Blvd
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Contact: Tina Ellor 610-925-2665
Email: tephilmyco [at]
Member since 2012 | Club Trustee: Tina Ellor

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

c/o Barbara Deriso
70 Woodland Farms Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Contact: Valerie Baker, contact [at]
President: Richard Jacob
Member since 2000 | Club Trustee: John Plischke

Wyoming Valley Mushroom Club

239 Golf Course Road
Hunlock Creek, PA 18621
Phone: 570-256-9002
Contact: Dave Wasilewski, 570-256-9002
President: Dave Wasilewski
Member since 2011 | Club Trustee: Dave Wasilewski
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