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You ain't proud of any relative?

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I can't be the only guy,on here,whom sees a youngster,in the clan, with signs of being a good woodsman?
As you may have read,here,i have 2. That's 2 out of three Grandsons that i see as have the spirit!
Hunter,who has turned 18 and has had it since he was at lest 12,and now Little Bill,at 4 1/2,loves to go to the woods and spotting deer with his dad.
You people have no one ? Come on now!
My 2 sons are too old,now,to brag about. One is to be 50 and the youngest[Little Bills Dad] is 38.My 1 daughter is HUNTERS Mom.
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I have a son who just turned 11 in June.He's been hunting since he was seven and I'm proud as heck of him.It's not the success that I'm most proud of.I'm proud of him because he just get's it.He's in the woods,shooting or doing something related to hunting almost every day.He'll hunt from morning til dark regardless of the weather and he's never once complained about being bored,regrdless of what we're seeing.He flat out refuses to leave the woods unless we're going to a different spot.When we kill a deer,he has me tag it and gut it and we come back and get it after dark.The enthusiasm he has for the outdoors is what drives me.The success is just icing on the cake.I thank God every day that he's the way he is.
Fleroo said:
Well, I have a question for you. If "Little Bill" ends up being 6'6" - 270 lbs., will he still be "Little Bill" ?
Why not?I have a buddy who's 6'5" and weighs close to 400lbs and he goes by the name Tiny.
Willy,I agree with you.I'm not overly emotional but it often brings a tear to my eye when we're out hunting and I LOOK OVER AND SEE THAT SERIOUS,DETERMINED LOOK ON HIS FACE.I know at that moment that there's no other place on earth that kid wants to be than right there.
Huh.My buddy has a wife named Carol.She got her hair cut and know he calls her Carl lol.
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