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You ain't proud of any relative?

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I can't be the only guy,on here,whom sees a youngster,in the clan, with signs of being a good woodsman?
As you may have read,here,i have 2. That's 2 out of three Grandsons that i see as have the spirit!
Hunter,who has turned 18 and has had it since he was at lest 12,and now Little Bill,at 4 1/2,loves to go to the woods and spotting deer with his dad.
You people have no one ? Come on now!
My 2 sons are too old,now,to brag about. One is to be 50 and the youngest[Little Bills Dad] is 38.My 1 daughter is HUNTERS Mom.
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Fleroo,i wish i had a lot longer time on this earth to see him grow up.
The other grand son,Hunter is 6-2/267 pounds.
dce,and i love to just see them little folks in the woods or along the water fishing.
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