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It was a year of firsts for the Hung Buck hunting camp this yr! We had our biggest buck killed to date, our first mentored hunter, my son Hunter at 9 yrs old, and the first time that any of the guys can remeber that camp was full for most of the first week!

Eddie scored on the biggest buck to date for our camp on tuesday morning around 10 am. The buck is a main frame 10 pt with 3 "burrs" at the bases that are around an inch long and would probbably be long enough to score but we didnt measure them when we came up with a rough green score of 137 2/8"...truley a great PA buck!

Hunter and i are pretty sure we saw this buck monday afternoon but he couldnt get on it fast enough to get a shot...i was more heartbroken that he was! Hunter with eddies buck...

whats left of the original "hung bucks"...i have a theory on how these chracters came up w/that name but i dont think its appropriate for this

The whole group minus hunter who had to go back to school on wed...

Eds buck/145# on buck/120# on the scale and my doe/85# on the scale and my dads doe/100# on the scale...all dressed weights

We had a great year at camp and it was nice that everyones schedules worked out to be able to spend a whole week this year instead of the normal 2-3 days. Although Hunter went home empty handed he defineatly got bit by the bug and has a strong desire to keep hunting. He got the "fever" several times when he had opportunitys to take a deer both bucks n does but the shaking had him unable to get a steady shot and he passed on 4 different bucks and 3 different does...WHAT AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER FOR ME!!! HAHAHA

Maybe next year will be his year...
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