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X-stand Treestand

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Just saw on their facebook page that they have some new products coming out. Will be realeased at ATA. They are going to have a hang-on, ladder stand and two different types of ladder sticks. I can not wait to see them in harrisburg. If anyone goes to ATA please take some pictures and give a review.

I used the new sit n climb this past year and it was awesome.
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Best mobile setup I have found and I have been looking, buying and trading for a long time to find it.

Lone wolf assault or LocOn Limit
Eberlestcok X2 With Butt Bucket attachment(Put the stand in it)
4 Lone Wolf Sticks Carried in Hand

I take a climber only when I know for certain the right trees are there and I need to go high due to lack of cover. Sure I could go high with my light setup but I would need more sticks.
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