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Anyone still wearing vintage woolrich? I've been trying to find an older field jacket in green plaid but haven't found one yet. Any ideas on when they made certain styles and colors?
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I was just up at the woolrich store near Lock Haven this past weekend. I bout walked out with one of the classic Field Jackets (The big heavy ones) in Green Plaid. They're running about 200. I have a red one but it's a med and the sleeves are pretty short on me now. I still wear it every year though!
I grew up on Woolrich, have a few pants (my dads) jackets, and light jackets (all red) I think a Japanease company bought it years ago and was never the same,,,,hopefully I'm worng. Woolrich reminds me of hunting in has my memories set into my mind for ever,,,,,loved it!
I just bought a 25 year old set (pants, coat, vest) of the red woolrich the other day, brand new, $25.

That said, I will not give the woolrich company one cent of my money. Once they ceased production in the US, I quit buying from them.

I would like to buy some more Filson products. Most of their line is US made, seems well made, and is priced accordingly.
I've been looking at those as well. I am really trying to find an older coat that has the large green/black squares. I've seen them on ebay but they are either too small or too rough. I find one soon hopefully.
Look at these....been using their stuff for years and no complaints...

The imported Woolrich stuff is trash....IMO....
Still have the red coat that my pap bought me back in 77!Fits just right now!
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All the wool is made overseas, except for a limited production run of civil war renactment grade stuff, other than that there wool mill is inactive, all storage. My great aunt retired from that mill in the late 70's and she has said to me the new stuff is not woolrich, hence don't buy her anything from there for xmas.
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