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Not a typo. I am thoroughly enjoying my .50 caliber ThunderHawk. Got her all set up with a walnut stock and good aperture sights and she's returning the favor with some very good performance.
My go to load, 45 cal 250 gr XTP in a Harvester crush rib, over 70 gr of 3f Swiss ( 1540 fps chrono'd) is shooting 3 shot 100 yard groups of 1 1/2 inches. I mean nearly every group, so far, has been 1 1/2 inches. Largest was 1 3/4 and smallest 1 3/8. I consider this exceptional for a short barrel carbine ( 22 inches) and it rivals results from my Black Diamond XR .50.
Needless to say, this one's going hunting for EVERYTHING this year.
I'm sure glad I found a rifle I was not looking for!
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