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bump this one up. Love to hear everyone elses reports of how the seasons shaping up??

I have seen more good bucks than ever before and deer numbers in general seem to be good. I would venture to say the southern 1/2 of the county which was hammered with EHD has made a great recovery!! Numbers are probably not what they were, but are getting close again. this is my opinion based on what I've seen throughout the spring, summer and fall, thus far.

Small game is excellent, squirrels seem to be everywhere I look, Rabbits are plentiful, good #'s of stocked pheasants can be found on sgl 232 and sgl 245. On a positive note, I've seen 3x the amount of grouse that I've seen in the past few years
while cutting firewood the other day I saw 4 in one little thicket. I also saw several last week on public ground while muzzy hunting.

Tons of coons, yotes and fox around and even the occasional bobcat.

shapin up to be another good year in my opinion, whats everyones elses take so far??
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Seein a good number of decent lookin bucks in my travels recently!! Also saw several hen turkey each with a bunch of poults in tow
1 - 2 of 20 Posts