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Winter project halfway finished

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Every winter i try to get some sort of project to keep my mind going and this year is no different. Last summer i purchased a 16ft square back canoe from Dicks. Like everything else i own i want to modify it to my own personal use. So far ive gotten a 45lb thrust transom mount minn kota trolling motor, Pirahnamax 170 fish finder and other basic canoe/boat items. Built a custom size cabinet for the rear of the boat to mount the fish finder and rod holder along with a battery gauge and 12 volt plug. Ive also built a battery box that doubles as a seat for the middle of the canoe. Mainly to keep 40lbs off of the rear of the canoe. Ive installed two other rod holders on the front end of the canoe.
i will post some pictures tommorrow of everything ive done but would like some feed back on any other ideas that you have to futher my project.
Bow to stern is 15' 6
Width 44 inches
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Don't forget a light for night fishing

I couldnt get a good picture of the canoe itself due to it being pretty jammed up in the garage. This is the exact one i got.

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Any recomendations on an easy, light weight, and clean setup?
Google kayak light and you will get lots of ideas

The kayak guys have lots of good ideas for lightweight accessorizing
just remember you need red and green lights up front and a whit light in the back the white light need to be the highest thing on the boat so if your head is at 3 feet when seated your light would need to be 3 feet 1 inch
I made a light for night fishing. I used plastic electrical conduit and put a driving light (like you see on a roll bar on a truck) on it. I run it from my battery for the depth finder. I mounted it on my battery box with 2 conduit clamps slides in and out easily.
Ive been thinkning about removing the back stock steat and replace it with something higher up. Even if it was just a peice of 1x10 oak against the gunnel. Sitting all day sure does kill the back.
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