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HomeintheWoods said:
Down in the habitat forum we had a discussion on this very topic. Of course the folks from Cross Creek and Pahick don't read anything about habitat management believing instead that feeding corn is the only habitat management practice needed.
If only they would gather up all their chainsaws and go cut some low value trees like maple, poorly formed ash, cherry, aspen regen cuts, etc. That would help this year and for years to come. It would minimize risk of spreading disease. It would reduce the concentration of deer that make them easy prey for predators. It would minimize the negative impact the concentrations have on the vegatation surrounding the feeding sites. And the list goes on ...
Deer should be eating browse in the winter. If you want to help them make some noise with a chainsaw!
Where the majority of the feeding takes place is State Forest Land so doing TSI, browse cuts, aspen cuts or whatever isn't an option. It should also be added that alot of these feeders are at the edge of the Hammersly Wild Area, which 30K+ acres without any early successional habitat and never will be, not to mention very little in the way of desirable browse.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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