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Lancaster Archery has selected the winner for their recurve bow package giveaway. Due to the number of great respones it got difficult to choose on content alone so they selected randomly and HPA member :

VillainousV the winner of the recurve package. Just so happens he is a newbie and his first and only post was a true winner!!! Sometimes it pays to quit lurking and start posting

You will contacted via e-mail on how to get your prize.

Lancaster Archery wanted me to make sure you all know how grateful they are to all that took time to enter and also how much they like being a part of a community like HuntingPA!

Congrats VV on the new set-up, feel free to post the story about the first kill with it.

Thanks again all for taking the time to enter, hopefully there will be future chances to win other great gear.

Stay warm and shoot straight!
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