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wings and peppers

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got fresh peppers from the garden(poblano and jalapeno)

getting ready to go fire up the smoker, then will put the wings and peppers on for a few hours

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they are on the smoker now, be done in a few hours. think i better go check my beer make sure its the right temp

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thats a brilliant idea

i forgot i have 3 cherry peppers on there too.
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Cream cheese with chedder and monteryack cheese mixed in. If you look back through the postings I did a pictorial on them. Try the wings too they are awesome
I can link you to it after work I am on phone now. If you google "atomic buffalo turds" you will find lots of info
mike2 said:
I cant find it I did a search of your post then a search from 1 year

heres one i did with poblano peppers, they work great. i actually like them better than jalapenos just cause they are easier to clean

heres some with the jalapenos
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