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Windy day rabbits

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Despite the wind I went out with barneydog and 3 other guys to gamelands #280 today rabbit hunting and the running was outstanding most of the day. We had 6 dogs down and jumped 10 rabbits in about 6 hrs. One rabbit was running a 500 yd. loop for close to an hr. before ralph connected . We got 3 rabbits ..all by ralph..only got pic of one since ralph skins & guts his immediately
.Two of Barneydogs beagles had garmin collars on and one had 14.5 miles(lucy) and the other 16 miles-(lackawanna della?)she likes to run the front
....Anyone who says there are few rabbits on gamelands needs better dogs
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Mike...nice job! Public, wild game land rabbits is the real deal...

A truck bed full of missouri cottontails on a private farm will never compare....
Good stuff

Last day tommorow.

John L
Good deal man! Good dogs can make all the difference.
Good job, that's some good running for sure!
We had a great time with the one that ran yhe big loop.
Good day mike!
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