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im in love with the m50...dont ask why i dont have an answer..its just "that gun" for me in the shotgun world...if i got a decent shot, im usually collecting my game..

i used grandmas for years that my grandfather left behind...28" mod barrel..

long story but i dont borrow it anymore...but dad bought me one for my college graduation last it..problem is, it has a 30" full choked barrel and shoots as well as my turkey gun lol...

ive been using Fiochii spreader loads for my bird hunting...killed the only thing i shot at this year...a ringneck...and rolled my fall turkey with it too..(not shooting spreaders)

i really hate being limited to spreader loads and fine shot...

gun is original and i dont wanna mess with it..i know its collector value is really not great..but its an original made in 1958..i want to refinish the stock in the worst way and cant bring myself to do it either..but might as it would be a beaut..

anyways...anyone know where i can find a mod or IC barrel? 12ga..longer the better i like 28-30"ers..i cant locate one...everywhere that got em listed is sold out and been for a long time...

funny i can find 20ga barrels but 20ga guns are a little tougher to find and bring more...

or...does anyone know if a m50 barrel can be tapped for chokes?? i can find another full choked 30" barrel and have it tapped to take chokes...i just dont know if you can as the barrel is thinner than most shotguns...??? anyone know if its possible??

might pick up a 20ga this summer just to have...though the 12ga eats anything and is one of the lightest recoiling shotguns ive ever shot...

thanx for any info...i love the gun...but cant figure out why there arent more fans and followers and why the price on them still is fair...(not complaining about that..just odd) its kinda tough to find a nice one that is original..just searched gunbroker and theres a bunch of 12ga guns but most have been modified..the stock must been long as alot of stocks are cut..and finish must not been great on the stock as evident on mine and others, its prone to wearing..i should refinish mine just because its bare wood in alot of places..

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I have several model 59's. Same thing but has the aluminum reciever and win-lite fiberglass wrapped thin steel barrel. LOVE them! The 59 was the very first shotgun ever offered with screw in chokes. If you can find a barrel for mod 59's with screw in chokes you can put it on, but good luck, they are rare and expensive!
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