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Winchester 348 sling help

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I have an 348 winchester model 71. The last time I was out with it, the sling broke where it connect to the tube for the magazine. Looking for replacement parts, trying to keep this gun original due to it be my grandfather's which was passed down to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Just some thoughts. Only some 'delux' 71s came with factory swivels, not counting the custom gun shop at Winchester. So I assume you have a delux (checkering and the rear of the bolt is machined for a bolt peep sight)?

I mention this as lots of changesweremade to 71 by owners (increased value), and the installation of the sling swivel was very, very common. The Delux from swivels that I've seen, have a detachable bow, similar to the Uncle Mikes but heavier and made from all steel. The attachment piece is attached to the front of the wood/mag tube band.

The most common variation is a spit ring on the magazine tube right at the stock, this is NOT original but I do see a lot even on delux models. I suspect this it the cheap fix if the stud of the detachable breaks, [censored] your did.

So I'd first make sure that you have an "original" swivel.

If is is an original single bow or a detachable bow, a good smith could repair it if you have the broken part. I believe they were silver sodiered.

Over the years many of the original standard 71 have been converted to"delux' so they used any 'extra' parts that might have been lying around. Making it is probably going to be the best choice.
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Bob guess I didn't express myself good. I was trying to say that he FIRST should make sure he has a Delux...because standard models didn't have swivels, but many standard models have aftermarket swivels. So merely having a swivel DOES'NT mean the rifle is a delux.

If it is checkered and has the bolt machined for a bolt peep, that is a quick check on if it is original. But checkering alone is not conclusive, as many standards were checkered by their owners.

Then it he has a delux he should still make sure he has an original may have broken earlyier and been replaced with a tube swivel.

No one would be lucky enough to find the replacement part, so I suggest IF IT IS ORIGINAL. ..have a good smith repair it.
I agree that the guys at Economy Gunsmithing 2030 Big Sewickley Crk Rd, Sewickley, PA 15143, (724) 266-0232..would be where I'd start, IF he has an original.

Sorry I confused you.
Ok win.

I suspect that it is a standard, and the sling was added.

Two things that always concern me regarding the Win 348 is no scope/rec sight tap holes and the lasck of sling swivels. I understand the lack of scope holes, as the time period was no scope availabity. but receiver sights woould have helped, and the old photos from 30-40 always show slings on guns. I guess it was just not the standard back then. I bought a M700in 1960, no sling swivels.

I tried to add a peep sight by buying an original bolt peep from a delux 71, paid $250 for that 1/4 ounce peep, only to find that the standard 71 bolts were not machineed for it.

But it is a great rifle and a fine cartridge, even if I don't have a sling.LOL

If you don't know where Economy GS is take 79 to Wexford Exit (route 910); it is about 20 minute drive WEST.

Good luck, let us know what you get done.
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