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Win 94 trapper

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Does anyone have any info on the Winchester 94 trapper 30/30? I saw one on a used rack today and it looked like new and I like the small carbines for in the thick stuff.
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I've owned three of them. What do you want to know?
That's cheap. They've been running $650 and up when I see them. I had two 44 mags and a 30-30. I used the one .44 a lot for deer and bear up to a hundred yards. It even went Moose hunting. I killed an 8 point buck at 100 yards with it. They're darn good guns and as handy as it gets. I have the Marlin Spikehorn now which is Marlins version of it. I miss my .44 Trappers.
Does it have the 16" barrel? My .30-30 was the Ranger youth 16". My two .44's were true Trappers and both had receivers marked 1894-1994. The Ranger youth is the same size albeit a shorter stock and wears hardwood furniture instead of walnut which makes it less valuable.
The Ranger youth 16" is not worth what a 94 Trapper is. That explains the low price.
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