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wildgame innovations rangefinder

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i am looking at getting a range finder does anyone have experience with there A.I. laser rangefinder. if need be i will spend a little more just want some reviews.
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iv'e had nothing but headaches with their trailcams. got what i paid for i guess.
I have one and it works fine. The only issues I have had with it have been in very heavy fog. It seems as though the fog interferes with the laser.
I would spend the extra money and get something else. I had two of their trail cams. The first one was junk. However, I sent it back and they replaced it with an upgraded model. Unfortunately, it is not much better. I placed it over a scrape this fall and did not get one picture. Even though the scrape showed evidence that it was active. Unfortuantely, the one year warranty has expired.
I have the 400 model. It has worked fine for me thus far.

A while back I posted a thread about it's purchase. When I took the first one home, it didn't work. Back to the store for number 2, and made sure to have the clerk open it and try it. Same deal, it didn't work. I ended up with the display model which worked.

I have a WGI cam also, and older LED flash model. It was a purchase right before xmas, was on clearence for 60 bucks. I've had it on a tree since and so far so good, pics pretty good and for the money I paid it's been fine.
I own several of their trail cameras and they all work just fine. They take great pictures and the sensors have been good. My only complaint is battery life.
ditto on the trail cameras, I love mine, have had absolutely no issues at all, I bought a stealth cam, and went through three of them before finally vowing never to buy one of the stealth cams again. replaced it with a cheap wildgame and have had nothing but great success. had the halo 400 rangefinder with no issues either. until I lost it.
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