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Wild turkey thighs and legs recipe

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I'm looking for your turkey leg and thigh recipes. Preferably something in a slow cooker. I was gonna try just putting them in with a can or two of cream of mushroom soup.
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I havent had the chance to do this to wild turkey yet, but I've done domestic turkey legs, thighs, drumsticks, and wings in the crockpot and they come out falling off the bone.

One piece of aluminum foil crumpled and placed in the crockpot.
Two pieces of aluminum foil about as long as my keyboard (I dont have a ruler nearby).
Put those two pieces on the counter. The first piece will be oriented East-west. The piece on top of it will be oriented North-South. (Made a fat criss-cross)
Put the turkey thigh right in the middle of the criss-cross.
Mccormick Grill Mates are great to use as a flavor enhancer. Try the one they call Barbecue, or the one called Montreal Chicken.
Sprinkle it on, not too heavy but not too light. Then pick up the whole thing and set it in the crockpot. If the foil is a bit long fold it right over the meat and then put the lid on the pot.
Four hours on High or six to eight hours on Low. Your choice. Either way you're gonna have some tender tasty piece of bird for dinner.
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