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Wild Pig?

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Not to sure what this is. Hoping some of you could help figure that out.
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Looks like a pig to me
At first glance it does look like a pig but I think what looks like the ear is the tail of a black dog facing away from your camera,the tail is wagging to the left. You may be correct on the pig just offering another opinion.
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Looks like a pig. If it is a pig, he will be back if left undisturbed. If its a dog, he likely won't be back. Keep the camera out, and keep us updated.
Will be looking forward to new pics! I'm leaning toward dog. Did ya find any tracks?
Black dog walking away from camera. I downloaded photo into Picasa & made it larger.
Another vote for black dog walking away.
Check the snow for tracks,looks like a dog to me.
If you zoom in it looks more like a black dog the legs are to long for a pig
Black Lab .
I think its a elchupacabra... lol looks like a dog to me
Wish that when I got the card out the snow was still there. When I got home and saw this I wanted to go back to the location but the 45 minute drive is not helping out my gas. I will be back on Saturday to rid some of my squirrels.
Black Lab
Baby Elephant... no really, a baby elephant
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