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Having many trail cameras and most of them being Wild Game Innovations, they have worked well for years. I always took the time to fill out the warranty cards, copy the receipts and send them in. Out of all of them, and one of the more costly ones I own decided one day to just lock up. Lock up to the point that it could not turn off or proceed past the date with out freezing or turning off. Them this error message popped up on it and then just locked up solid. Nothing worked to get this going again. I contacted the factory, they emailed me back within a few days and after a few brief emails they got me the RGA after looking up that I did indeed only had it about 8 months. Shipped it back and two weeks later had a replacement in hand and the unit is actually an upgrade to the one I sent in. Kudos to them...

Never fail to send in the little card that comes with the units. They are electronics and can sometimes fail through no faults of our own.
Nice to see a company standing behind their product.
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