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Had a friend whose family had a camp in Tuscarora mountains. He did a lot of hunting, fishing and trapping there when he was in high school. One year, on the first day of the season a nice buck came by and he shot. It ran down the mountain but he knew the shot was good. He followed the blood trail and sure enough, he found the buck laying dead.

He started to get ready to field dress it when he hear a voice say, "How many points?" Startled at the question he looked around. There was no one in sight. Figuring he was just excited at having got a nice deer he got back to the job at hand.

He had his coat off when he heard a loud clear voice again say, "How many points?" He stood up at the sound and scanned the hill side in all directions. He was alone. There was no one to be seen. He figured nerves were really on edge.

His hand was shaking when he took the knife to cut the deer. Then he heard the voice even louder and more emphatically say, "How many points?" This was too much for the kid. He jumped up and said, "Six, Lord. It's a six point!"

The sound of laughter made him look up to see a guy in a tree stand above him.
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