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Who makes a good 22 LR semi-auto rifle??

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Hi Guys, does anyone make a decent 22 semi for plinking? I mean something that is reliable,accurate, and has a good trigger pull? I know you can buy a Ruger but it seems like you'll have $1000 bucks into it to make it where it's "right". Thanks!!
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A $1,000?? Wow that would be a dandy. I bought mine a few years back for $525. And I had it built for that. It has a LH laminated TH stock, Green mountain fluted barrel, upgraded trigger group, and extended magazine release. I had it built from scratch. 10-22's actions are readily available. And a green Mountain will be enough for anybody that I know. I also bought the standard weight GM barrel. I did not want a bull barrel.

Here is a link to the guy who built mine. Give him a call. He was a really nice guy to talk to. He did what he said he was going to do. And I had the rifle in about 1-1/2 weeks.

They may have went up a litle since I bought mine. But still reasonable. I could not get one anywhere else for the price he gave me. But I think he buys alot of actions. Tom.

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No need to spend a grand
I have one for sale for less than half that
Very nice rifle, thanks for the link!
Put a 16" Adams & Bennet .920 barrel on my oldest 1022 some time ago. From Midway, supposedly made by Green Mtn? Also has a Fajen thumb hole synthetic (adjustable version) on it, that I'd won years ago.

Rifle is so old and has been fired enough, that the trigger is pretty smooth and predictable, so no other mods. With Wolf MT ammo, it's a tack driver.

Even figuring the cost of the barrel ($80) and the stock ($154 if I had to buy it), that's not much money.

As far as that goes, my newest el cheapo ($179 new) 1022 is box stock, except for a synthetic sporter stock and will shoot less than an inch at 50 yards, with ammo it likes.
If all you want to do is plink then a marlin would serve you just as well for half the price. The triggers normally leave something to be desired though.
Thanks for the reply's. That's the big problem with the Marlin, I do want a really nice trigger pull.
A birch stocked Marlin M60 was about $20-$30 less than a birch stocked 1022, last time I looked?
i like the 10/22 i have one deadly accurate loves chipmunks and other pests
Thompson Center R-55 plus $60 for a trigger job.
DennyF said:
A birch stocked Marlin M60 was about $20-$30 less than a birch stocked 1022, last time I looked?
Well Denny, it has been quite awhile since I even glanced at the prices of any of those guns. Last I seen you could still get a marlin for around a hundred bucks if that tells you anything. At the time the Ruger was quite a bit more than that.
Here's what self loaders cost at retail in 1972:

Rem. M552BDL: $80
Rem. MB66 (Mohawk): $60
Marlin M49 (Pre M60): $60
Mossberg M430: $63
Savage M60: $58

Browning Grade 1: $100
Winchester M290: $63

Ruger 1022: $56 ($64 for the sporter version w/monte carlo stock)

Generally speaking, the Marlins may well be a few dollars cheaper now, than Ruger 1022s, but the Rugers could still be found for around $190 for the birch stocked "plain Jane" version last year.
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For accuracy, it is hard to beat the marlin micro grove barrels.
S&W M&P 15-22 just so much fun!
I just bought a birch stocked 10-22. all looked good, but the amount of goodies they have for the 10-22 made my decision. the Marlin was second choice for me.
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