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Who has Glock's on the shelf

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Hey guys,

A couple of local gun store stops this past weekend shows the wave seems to have crested as there were lots of AR pattern rifles in the racks and tons of S&W M&P's on the shelf.

What I'm not seeing the plethora of in stock Glocks in the shelves as we had a year ago. Anybody know of any retailers in <span style="font-weight: bold">south central PA</span> that has in stock G17's and G19's?
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I have not seen any 19's or 17's. seems that any model in .40S&W is easy to find around me (Pittsburgh).
DNA Weaponry in Lititz had a good supply of Glocks. Give em a call.
Johnson around here has them. Seem like they always have them. 19's go fast
Via telephone price check:

DNA Weaponry has Gen 4 G17s & G19s for $590.

Shakey's in Orwigsburg, PA has them too, for $565.
Check with Reddings Hardware in Gettysburg always has glocks on the shelf..
Daves Gun Shop located in Eldred Pa. has many give him a call 814 225 4512
i just bought a g19 thursday from Juniata Trading in Everett Pa.
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