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I ran some thru my Omega last week, prior to this I shot pyrodex, never tried the 777 used two hot white pellets with a 295 gr. HP powerbelt in front. Pyrodex shot good for me, but was not happy with the tightness of loading after the 2nd shot even with running a dry cleaning patch down the barrel to remove some of the fouling..

I fired five shots with the white pellets without running any type of cleaning patches thru the barrel.

I did not change my scope alignment from being shot in with pyrodex. Four shots were at 100 yds. and the closest to bullseye was at 50 yards. The lowest flyer was probably me and came on the 2nd shot. I only used a sand bag on the bench to hold the rifle and these over "55" eyes are not as sharp as in my younger years.

I am pleased with the results and they will be in my omega on my next hunting trip.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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