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White gold

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can a detector find a white gold ring? If so my qestion is do you think running a detector through my house would find the lost ring? I'm tired or looking.
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yes, as long as the detector's settings can find gold, it will find white gold.

most likely no. you are going to have other metals all over your house such as supports/nails/screws/wiring/plumbing. those things will all set off the detector as well, every time it gets near one.
May sound silly, but search the bathrooms fine tooth. Over the years several pieces of lost jewelry ( some very valueable ) in our family have been found in a bathroom. sometimes months later.
Ok I was just curious if it would, I have searched all over, I'm just getting annoyed. I'll take a break and look in a couple days.
I would use the metal detector in the area where you park your car. My dad helped a couple of people find keys, rings,
etc with his MD when he owned it. Also check the bathroom
sink, sometimes jewelry will stay in the pipe under the
sink if it went down the drain.
I'm not sure if a detector will Ground Balance in a structure . Gold Detectors may balance differently than a regular detector .But , I know mine will only balance on concrete as far as structures are concerned . Good luck .
Yep it'll find white gold but good luck running it in your home,way to many metal objects to interfere.
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