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Which binoculars are good to use spotlighting ????

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Like to get a reasonable price binos to use when spotlighting deer. I want to check out the racks. Thinking about some like 8x50 or 7x50 [Redfield Renegade--$109].I have trouble with my little 10's shaking.
Any advice ??
Any one use the Renegades ???
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Check out Alpen Binocs, Top notch for a reasonable price. I paid $120 for mine. Have to look to see what model they are. Might be the Pro 10x42 model
Lower power less shake.
I use Celestron binocs to keep in the truck. Good variety of models, in all price ranges and feature levels, with great customer service and warranty. Not the top optics but great knock-around glasses at good prices by one of the top telescope manufacturers.
You want something with a low power to big objective ratio, known as the "exit pupil" in mm, an indicator of the amount of usable light passed. Other factors in the quality of the glass affecting the % of light transmission will also determine what you see.

For example: 7x50, 50 divided by 7 for an exit pupil of 7.1mm, this is a very good light gathering optic, again assuming the glass allows a high % light transmission. The human eye pupil is about 7mm when dilated in dim light so any exit pupil larger than 7mm is basically unusable.

A compact 10x24, 24 divided by 10, exit pupil 2.4, not so much light available.

I have steiner 7x50 and have very good low light performance, big exit pupil, glass known for high light transmission and clarity.
I just use a pair of bushnell 10x50 works good for me
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