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Where this all goes

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For those of you who don't think that banning one type of gun is not a stepping stone to the rest please read this

Now that Scotland doesn't have guns to blame for violence they are going after knives. This is an old article I remembered from several years ago. Lol. It talks about banning the public carrying of knives even though most knife violence happens in the home.

It's where it's all heading. First it's "assault rifles" then handguns, then semi autos and then one day they are arresting you at the mall for having your Buck 110 folding hunter in a sheath on your belt!!!

Kiss your freedom and liberty good bye and start drinking the koolaid and it will all be ok. Or just hope that big meteorite hits us on Friday.

Either way us law abiding, god fearing, gun carrying citizens are gonna be a thing of the past.
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Couple of things.

First Heller and McDonald secured our rights like nothing else. Thought the Heller decision stated reasonable restrictions on guns can be made - every one of those restrictions is a case within itself due to the two decisions.

Everyone needs to remember, this country is operated on the Rule Of Law. That means that laws can be proposed or even passed, but we have the right of redress through the courts.

Certain fundamentals didn't change since Friday.

The recent affirming decisions of the Supreme court didn't evaporate. The manner that law is made didn't change. Amy bill still requires passage in both houses and with a sig from the Prez.

The NRA is still in business as well. As are numerous other gun rights organizations nationally and locally.

This country took a sudden and painful hit on Friday. It did not revert to being a third world country or a monarchy. The fundamentals are in place as they have been for what... 239 or so years?

Get a grip. Start getting yourself out of the reaction mode and into the being informed mode. Then get and stay active in the news and getting the word out to everyone you come in contact with. Discussion rather than hype, rights, or the in your face stuff is what is going to win this for us.

Yes, there will be changes. Some needed - others perhaps not. The limits of change will happen in the halls of congress - but being involved and active in applying the pressure to the politicans is going to be key. Not once and done.. but repeatedly.

Next - the congress in Washington is only part of the problem. The state legislature is going to be active as well. That battleground is as important if not more so than the federal level. Yet, the state level is perhaps a bit easier as each of us can get directly involved with a short drive to the local Rep or Senators office - or schedule a trip to Harrisburg. Also the calls are local to the local office - and many reps answer phones in Harrisburg themselves.

There is no doubt that we could collectively shut sown the HPA sever with all the gloom, doom, and past history of the gun grabbers and results.

The thing to do now is to get informed. Then get involved.

The collective grief is still very real and heartfelt by so many. The natural reaction is to point the finger of indignation and blame for something no one could have prevented in the current legal climate.

Our reaction to having the finger pointed in our collective direction isn't nice and has the immediate affect of making us defensive.


The buzz words of the NRA are Freedom, Rights, and the flag. Keep that in mind as the battle coming is going to center on all three and everything they stand for.

So where this goes is, the heated talk continues for at least another week until it starts to tone down. Other events in the news are going to regain precedence due to the personal nature for each and everyone of us. Towards the end of January this will again become an issue in booth Washington and Harrisburg. But until then - relax, get your head right and get informed as the information and ideas start to be floated.

Then act by participating. All that freedom, those rights, and the flag... participating sums them all up in one action.
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Another thing - as anyone can - starting at 7 am each morning start listening to CSPAN.

It is amazing what some in congress are saying at this point. Both sides are on the fence on gun control more than what most think.

It is instructive to listen to the various sides acknowledge that the recent court decisions changed the discussion yet to be had. Those decisions were more than an affirmation of our 2nd A right. Those decisions had teeth that changed the landscape.

The gun rights folks know it - and so do the anti's as they are saying so on a national broadcast.
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