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Where can I get a muzz. pistol kit ?

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I would like to get a 50 cal.flintlock pistol kit. I would like to checker it or scrimshaw it myself. Thanks Stuffer
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Maybe try Track of the Wolf or Dixie Gunworks if you haven't already.
Northeast trade company has 50cal traditions kits in stock. Muncy pa, by the Kellogg plant. John Brady drive.
Thanks guys
tobyje said:
Jim Chambers.
x2 I'm saving for a .54 myself.
I'll be carrying one of Jim's pistols this season. Shot it last week. .54 caliber, 45 grains of powder. Shot a 2" group at 35 yards off of sandbags. Recoil is pretty bad, kicks straight back, not much muzzle lift as I expected.

Dixions muzzleloading in kutztown. They will ship if you cant drive there. Great guys and have everything you need.
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