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So I put all my cams and stands out already, however I just had an idea of a spot I wanted to check out.

My pickle is I don't like going in the woods and disturbing it until the season opens. For the cams that are up, I'll hunt one stand in the morning check the cam and then slip outta that one and into the other around 1ish and when leaving I'll check that cam.

Do you worry about bumping deer when putting out a cam in late season? For some reason I do. If so how do you decided what time of day to go treking thru the woods?

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I usually don't mess with them that much. I set them usually near stand sites, and I pull the cards when I go to hunt instead of making special trips. I leave them out for awhile and don't bother checking them every week or two unless I am hunting. If hunting isn't in, I go maybe once a month to check. During the off season, I check them during the mid-day period.
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