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This is a compilation of my usual hunting day in any given woods. I hope that you like it

It's 6:15 in the morning, the woods are eerie black
30 minutes to get here, I'm hunting further back.
What was that already? Was that a twig that snapped?
Sheesh, they're all around me! I think I'm being trapped.
There they go a snortin', they just won't let me be
They're in here way too early, I'm not even in my tree.

The sun's been up a while now, my watch reads half past nine
I think I should just climb on down, and search for better sign.
What was that just startled me? It took away my breath
Dadgum it Grouse, I owe you one, you scared me half to death.
Hey, this trail is looking good, just what I'm searching for
It's well worn, fresh poo and tracks, this morning's to be sure.

I think I'll hunt this trail tonite, await the Deers return
Wind's in my face, it's feeling right, a buck tonite I'll burn.
What was that just buzzed my head, forcing me to duck?
A Red-Tail swooping down for food, crashing as it struck.
Have plenty of time yet on my hands, I think I'll take a nap
And dream of bucks with mossy racks, and chicken fried backstrap.

Wow, that was one much needed snooze, I best find out the time
Pro hunters getting paid for this? It has to be a crime!
What was that moving thru that brush? Ah, just an old Gray Fox.
I wonder what he's after, heading up for those hemlocks.
It's getting on about that time, the Deer should start to move
No meat is in the freezer yet, my hunting skill to prove

I have to get my act together, I have to get it straight
I have to stop goofing 'round, and really concentrate
What was that; too dark to see. Well here we go again
There they go a snortin', running off to the farther glen
Jeez, I cant believe the way, I keep on getting caught
De Ja Vu all over again, but always not for naught

I don't want to miss a thing, nope, I dont want to flunk
But I can't help by staring at that dark foreboding Skunk.
What was that just passed me by? Well, shoot son, its called nature
All this time out here today, same round is in the chamber.
But I don't really give a hoot, I loved it anyway
To spend some time in the great outdoors, it's worth it anyday!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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