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I am going to plant a food plot for spring/summer and then looking to have a food source for the winter months. The area is about 75 yards x 50 yards and gets plenty of sun (it is an extension of a farmers field which i purchased) The fields around the area are planted with corn and soy beans. What would be a good mixture to plant for the spring? and what would be a good mixture for the winter? Can I seed over the spring plot in the fall or do i have to re-plow? Anyone have any experience with turnips for the winter? I have done plenty of research on how to make the food plot but i am not sure what to plant! Thanks for your time and suggestions.
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Winter food plot,
I would plant Turnips and some winter wheat. I would do strips of each. 3-4 ft wide. or do the outside edg. in winter wheat and plant turnips in the middle.

Spring and summer food plot.
you can't beat a clover mix.
thanks pheasants! If i wanted to use the same plot for both spring and fall would i re-till the spring plot then plant fall?
If this is a new plot, why not go with something like a buckwheat for the summer. Till it in come the end of July then spread a rape/turnip mix for the fall and winter?

The buckwheat is fairly cheap, establishes fast, and gives organic material to the soil once tilled in. It also will help suppress weeds in a newer plot, plus added tillage will help clean up the plot.
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