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What to do with kills?

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Anybody know where I can take my predator kills in the Harrisburg area? Anybody take the entire carcass?
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You can chuck them in a dumpster
So many guy's just pitch them. It's a shame! I have pitched 1-2 if I opened them up real bad.
Should find someone who will take them , problem is the money is so little guys don't want to mess with them anymore.
Try to find a trapper in the area. You can ask for someone in your area in the trappers forum
I was speaking in regards to skinned carcasses
I have a guy that takes mine I just freeze them in a black garbage bag till I get a few then he picks them up.
Johnsons Furs, Inc
22 Millers Gap Road
Enola, PA 17025
Contact: Jerry Johnson

Give em a call.
Are we talking the bodies after they are skinned or the meat if its not skinned pm around that area.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts