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What size shot?

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What size shot you guys using for snows? I figure BB is still where it is at.
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Number 2's going at an average speed are good to 55 yards. I don't hunt snows, but I wouldn't think anything larger would be needed, would it?
I love #1's for everything...
Kent 3 1/2 inch one shot seems to be all I buy anymore besides a box of #4s for early season woodies n teal
mightyjoeyoung said:
I love #1's for everything...
Shoot what patterns well in your gun for the choke size you choose. Anything from 4's to BB work well on Snow Geese.
How long have #1's been around? Is everybody using them? Are they now the most popular shot size for goose and even duck?
sometimes hard to find, but I have used #1 Kent 3" for a lot of years, plenty to kill a decoying goose OR duck. I like them.
Black Cloud has a snow goose load and I've heard good things about Remington Hypersonic 1700fps loads. I have not shot either but I like regular Black Cloud in 3" #2's or #4's for ducks and 3.5" BB for canadas.
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