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One of the meanings in a dictionary is"A vital force that characterizes a living being as being alive."
Another is "Will,a persons will,sense of self,or enthusiasm for living."
I feel that this is born in you. It can't be taught?
My "Spirit" has always been in the outdoors. I had no one to show me anything,it just came to me when i was 7. All of a sudden i wanted to fish and as i got older i got this urge to go to the woods and fields to see just what was there!
My 2 sons and one of my grandsons,so far [ Little Bill likes to go with his dad but he is only 4 1/2 so can't say for sure?] have the Hunting spirit.I have a great grand daughter,on her own started to go with her father and loves it!
How many young people i see fathers trying to get them interested in the outdoors only to have them not have any interest in it!
These folks just don't have the hunting spirit in them !
Lots of them have other spirits such as football,baseball or something to fulfill them!This is good. But,IMHO,there are too many that have no Spirit to do anything but act like a slug on a sidewalk!
I am very happy my boys and i hope their boys keep it and pass it on to their children
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