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I lost my WEDDING RING four months after the wedding! It was slightly oversized, and the cold air shrunk my finger enough for it to slip off when I took my glove off...somewhere! I was devestated. The wife just smiled and said...."no better place to lose it!" (My wife is great). I bought a metal detector and retraced 1.5 miles to no avail.

Next big ticket item: My WALLET. It's in West By God Virginia somewhere on a remote hillside accessible only by boat. I haven't been back there in 2 years but I intend to search this November when we go back. I still beat myself up over that one. Social Security card was in it, credit and bank cards (which I had to cancel) drivers license, my hunters safety card, and.....$200. Yup...that one was stupid and it HURT. No good reason to carry a wallet in the woods but I have a redneck wallet with a CHAIN for outdoor excursions now.

1 tree stand stolen, 1 car tire slashed, my favorite buck grunt, a pair of gloves, and a partridge in a pear tree!
1 - 1 of 105 Posts
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