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Lost my hunting license once turkey hunting. I managed to retrace my steps and find it that day, after it started pouring rain for two hours.

Somewhere in Pennsylvania is an HKS speedloader with six .44 Magnum cartridges nestled in it that I dropped while deer hunting about fifteen years ago. Those were my pet reloads too!

I lost a dog bell when my dog's old leather collar broke about five years ago. That bell was on my father's dogs more than sixty years ago and was part of the "dog" items he gave me. I tried retracing our steps but it was early fall and I never found it.

Last year I was hunting my dog in the snow, he went on point, I killed the bird, he retrieved and we went on to the next cover. As he's running out I realize I don't hear his bell "tinkling" anymore. I call him back, and I wander over to the area where I last heard the bell where he stopped to go on point. Sure enough, I found it on the top of the crusty snow. Another leather collar that snapped on me. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson?
1 - 1 of 105 Posts
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