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What have you lost in the woods?

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I think the one thing I lost and feel the worst about was a 6" case sheath knife with stacked leather handle. I had it stuffed in my back pocket and never found it...I still know where I lost it, i know the exact tree, but i've been back there 3 times and never found it.

just like this, but the sheath was different - and the steel looked like damascus but was really just mildly discolored.
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3 stands (stolen), 2 knives (feel really bad one was my first knife my dad handed down to me was his first), a couple arrows, some ammo, 3 licenses/back tags, 1 trap (stolen), my favorite goose down reversible vest, a glove or two, and my way back to the truck a few times
Cellphone, the wife called in the stand ( I forgot to leave it in the truck), I pulled it out, turned it off- and flung it.
My father in law was with me and had his, so it was no emergency... just a sale somewhere....
Countless seats, I always go for a walk thinking up that I'm going to just make a circle.... usually requires GPS to get back to the vehicle. Other than that I lost a striker for a turkey call and found it a week later.
Time! I spend so much time in the stand I start thinking what I could be doing, but I still hunt. Material items that I have lost are: arrows and bullets. Those deer really mess arrows and bullets up bad. Also, I can never manage to get Tink's back in the bottle after it comes out, and the PGC tends to make me lose some money every year with the lic. thing. Other than that, I have not lost a thing - except my mind
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Seats, ammo, and a radio I lent to a friend which HE lost LOL
Jayd4wg, no bs, I lost the exact same knife! I found it in the spring after the snow melted right where my dad had parked the truck. The handle was a little messed up but it cleaned up nice with some oil and a fresh edge.
I also lost a stacked leather case,a orange handled buck,432 gloves,a few game seats,a treestand,several flashlights,some orange beanies,a bottle of lemon-lime gatorade (in the glass bottle) And dude was I thirsty after hauling that hawg 7 point off the mountain
..and on a few occasions I have thought that I lost my mind,if in actuality I had lost my mind I never would have found it,things that small are not easily recovered.
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432 gloves

The other evening I lost a glove. Watched it fall, and still couldn't find it

The stand I took my daughter to the other night is an enclosed, roofed, stand with wooden rails to rest the gun on. I hang the gloves on the rail so that the gun's forearm isn't directly on the wood. It was windy that evening, and both gloves blew off. We found one, but not the other. Even looked again the other morning.

Moral of the story: Don't let camo gloves drop into brush
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Lost my hunting license once turkey hunting. I managed to retrace my steps and find it that day, after it started pouring rain for two hours.

Somewhere in Pennsylvania is an HKS speedloader with six .44 Magnum cartridges nestled in it that I dropped while deer hunting about fifteen years ago. Those were my pet reloads too!

I lost a dog bell when my dog's old leather collar broke about five years ago. That bell was on my father's dogs more than sixty years ago and was part of the "dog" items he gave me. I tried retracing our steps but it was early fall and I never found it.

Last year I was hunting my dog in the snow, he went on point, I killed the bird, he retrieved and we went on to the next cover. As he's running out I realize I don't hear his bell "tinkling" anymore. I call him back, and I wander over to the area where I last heard the bell where he stopped to go on point. Sure enough, I found it on the top of the crusty snow. Another leather collar that snapped on me. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson?
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I lost about a billion knives while trapping when I was a youngster in and around French Creek and the Allegheny River. Several years ago I was fishing on French Creek and found one of the nice Queen Cutlery skinning knives that I've lost. Brought it home, cleaned it up and gave it to my son. He promptly lost it again.

I normally deer hunt a ways from my fire district, but one year I hunted deer in my district. Since I was Fire Chief at the time, I figured I'd better carry my pager. Hit a buck and tracked it several hundred yards through treetops. When I got out of the woods... no pager. Went back that night during siren tests to see if I could hear it. No luck.
I lost and old buck knife that my Father gave me about 20 years ago. I was on a deer drive and had to go pee. I had the knife on the non-buckle end of the belt and it fell off belt sheath and all. Since then I always put the sheath on buckle end so it has much further to go. I have also had a bunch of tree stands stolen and Safety belts. I had 2 lock on stands with climbing sticks stolen this year already. On private ground and locked. Also a set of climbing sticks… They don’t matter as much as that knife….
gloves, hats, bow rope, arm guard, license (but retraced and found), last year in late archery lost both of my lease permits they were in a fishing license holder... never found it.
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Cellphone, small pack of treestand parts, gloves, keys to all the python lock cables on my stand, candy bars...
man i still just don't get people stealing tree stands. i'd LOVE to catch someone stealing a tree stand of mine. I reckon the search party wouldn't know where to start looking.
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I to lost my first and sentimental knife, it was an old Scrade Uncle henry that my Dad gave me. It still bothers me today. I was young, dumb, and careless. My father-in-law gave me a Buck knife which I still use today. And since then my dad bought me a new straight blade Buck. I keep a good eye on both of my knives these days, they have both seen many deer and wild birds.
Years ago I lost my possibles bag while tracking a deer. It was hand made by me and full of all the normal stuff. The real loss was a copper powder dispencer that belonged to my Grand father.
bow release, hats, turkey calls, my dad, turkey gun(found it), tree stand( remembered where I put it, after two years), turkey decoys
A crow call,after I killed a spring gobbler.Left it at the base of the tree I was sitting against,never was able to remember the exact tree.

Also lost a watch had a broken band and fell out my pocket,but this time knew the exact tree and by chance found it next year.Wound it up and it still worked.And,yes it was a Timex.
I lost my WEDDING RING four months after the wedding! It was slightly oversized, and the cold air shrunk my finger enough for it to slip off when I took my glove off...somewhere! I was devestated. The wife just smiled and said...."no better place to lose it!" (My wife is great). I bought a metal detector and retraced 1.5 miles to no avail.

Next big ticket item: My WALLET. It's in West By God Virginia somewhere on a remote hillside accessible only by boat. I haven't been back there in 2 years but I intend to search this November when we go back. I still beat myself up over that one. Social Security card was in it, credit and bank cards (which I had to cancel) drivers license, my hunters safety card, and.....$200. Yup...that one was stupid and it HURT. No good reason to carry a wallet in the woods but I have a redneck wallet with a CHAIN for outdoor excursions now.

1 tree stand stolen, 1 car tire slashed, my favorite buck grunt, a pair of gloves, and a partridge in a pear tree!
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