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What do you think of?

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Just wondering what you guys think of when you think Pa deer hunting? As in weapon, weather conditions, tactics, etc.
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I think Hooray.I love all aspects of it and participate in all seasons.Enjoy it now more bein my sons of age.I like Flinty and Archery more than rifle and like to stalk and sneak around and ambush em.I like it when it,s cold but not so cold you have to bundle up so much and then roast when you have to move.Snow of course like now is fantastic.
I think about my Dad, mostly...wish I could hunt with him again.

I hunt all the seasons and look forward with great anticipation to all the seasonal conditions and my chosen weapons! I also think about the comraderie that comes with rifle season and all the fun that surrounds the back of the truck when someone scores!
I think about the solitude of archery season - the changing of the seasons...
I'm glad its finally over. Now we can run the hounds on coyote and fox and not worry about the whining deer hunters out there looking for excuses why they arent seeing deer.
ted4prez said:
I think about the solitude of archery season - the changing of the seasons...
Well put.

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The Pa deer hunting tradition and my concern for its slow downward spiral. Less and less hitting the woods every year.
It's a challange I look foward to ever year.
Rest, relaxzation, a good time at camp with friends & family, & figuring out how to catch up with the wil whitetail.
Relaxing at camp, walking around the woods of Lycoming County, being with friends......getting a deer would just be a bonus, but tha aforementioned is what I really look forward to......
whil e kioti said:
It's a challange I look foward to ever year.
I was standing in the snow today watching a bunch of trees and I had this thought. If you used a dog sled to hunt deer. Would that be hunting deer using dogs?
Bolt action rifles,(30-06,.243,.270)Snow,Cold,Deer drives,Lots of family there.

Bang.......Louder Bang, Crash Crash Crash Crash,Here they come!There it is Bang!Bang!Dead. Did you get em'? Yeah its a big one over hear.
I seldom think of weather, the firearim I am using and such. What I do constantly, and this goes for all my hunting no matter if its small game, deer, or woodchucks, I am constantly immagining scenarios. Like: if a deer appears at that oak tree on the edge of the field; if a woodchuck pops up out there at 150 yards; if a grouse gets up behind me; if I see a passing dove are forever running through my mind as possible events. I love hunting and how I approach it so much that I can't begin to describe what it means to me.
I do that too jimsdad. Always playing thungs in my mind.
I think about that one or two weeks a year when I can be the person I want to be,(long johns, boots, hunt when / where I want),and not the person I have to be, (work).
I think of it constantly. Nothing like hunting camp. scouting all year. Putting miles on my boots. Snow. etc
I think leaves. Either the changing colors, sounds of crunching under foot or blowing in the wind. Leaves tell the story of the season: Green, Yellow, Brown, Wet.
laurel, wet laurel, snow covered laurel!
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