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what do you think of wasp broadheads?

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im thinking of trying wasp hammer 3 blade, what has your experience been with them?
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I have used wasp hammer 3 blades in 75 grain for several years. never had any problems they fly straight and make a trail job if needed easy
The very best fixed blade ever made !!! Just my oppinion.
I've used the 100 GR hammer sst since 1994 have killed a few bears , hogs, and a bunch of deer with them .
wasp sharp shooter the best broadhead I've shot.
I've used the Wasp Jackhammer SST 100gn 3 blade mechanicals for at least 10 years now. Killed a good quantity of bucks and a few bulls with them. No problems at all, great BH IMO.
They shoot excellent, but I don't trust mechanicals so you won't see me in the woods with one.
I have shot at least a dozen deer and 1 bear with the wasp jackhammer expandables. Awesome broadhead and accurate compared to field tips. Just like every other expandable avoid that shoulder and you wont ever have a problem. Hit the shoulder and your in for some disapointment unless its under 15 yards.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts