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I spent all summer scouting and found the perfect place to put my stand.
I get to at about 545am and as I'm walking up I see 2 flashlights blinking, 1 within 50 yards and 1 within 100 yards.

This is ANF so it's public land so it open to anyone. I know one was in a blind, the other not sure.

For a minute I thought about getting in the stand, and then I felt respectful, they where here first.

I sat for an hour, and now back at camp getting my ground blind and heading to one of my backups

What would you do?

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I'm always sketchy of that happening... Typically whether or not we know people hunt the same area I'll be there 1-1.5hrs before shooting hours, so 1.5-2hrs before sunrise.

But for your question, you gotta move on, it sucks. One day I hiked in 1.5 miles w/ a treestand on my back way down off the face of the mountain just to get flashlighted when I got to my spot. Not knowing anywhere else to hunt without disturbing his hunt I backed out climbed the mountain and regrouped after the sun came up.

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there are two options, on and what I do, is when I see others in places I PLANNED to hunt, I move on and try to NOT disturb there hunt as much as possible, its the RIGHT thing to do IMO
OR you can be like MANY of the other jerks in the woods and just proceed on and sit next to me,
I have had guys literally climb a tree with a climber 20 yards from me after I was there a b good 2 hrs in the dark before sun rise

I once had a guy walk up to me and wanted to sit back to back with me saying I could watch one way and him the other?? ??

if you don't own the land all you can do is adjust to where others are and move else where

or again, you can be THAT GUY< that is rude and lacks morals and respect of others!

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As I've stated in other posts about this type of question, don't be that guy. Get out of there. Way to many bozo's do it and it's sickening. Usually they're just the one day hunters that don't have a clue but still unacceptable.

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Reading this post brought back memories. Back in 2000? I was in my ladder stand hour before daylight archery season on private land. This bozo comes up my way with his light. When he got close enough I shined the light at his feet. He continues upward and had his climber and starts climbing in the tree beside me 10 feet away. I asked him do you have permission to hunt here? He never replied or said a word to me. I know the owner well, I did lawn care and cut firewood for him and it was only 3 of us who had permission to hunt on the little over 40 acre's. I didn't leave, he did after an hour or so.

The next morning I go back up to the stand, there he is sitting on the ground leaning against a tree beside my stand. I got out my surefire 6P flashlight and shined it on his face. I even told him he was on private land and I talked to the owner and I have his permission to ask you to leave if I see you again. He did not say a word or even moved a muscle. I said a few choice words to him and I went to my son stand or my dad deer stand. I can't remember.

Rifle season came around he was there again with a buddy. I stood there looked confused. I found a spot to sit far away from him. Day light came he moved closer to me 100 yards maybe. He was pushing my buttons real fast. I knew the neighbor would be pushing out his side of the woods. When I seen him I made a bee line to him to ask if he knew the guy. He said yes so I explain to him the details. We both walked up to both hunters and the neighbor explain to them they are on the wrong property. What a season that was...
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