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What do you all think of the new Bridger 1.75?

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Did anyone use them this past season? I played around with one at Jerry Johnsons place, and they seemed a little light, but for 96 bucks its kind of hard to beat a trap with HD swivels, baseplate installed, and #2 chain already on the trap. Not to mention it has a imitation PIT pan. I know a lot of people have been putting a lot of emphasis on the jaw spread, saying its only a 1.5 sized trap, but they say its the same jaw spread of the coyote taking MB 550??? Do you guys think it could be a dependable yote trap? I would be taking more reds than anything with them, but I'd like to know if a yote comes around that he'll be there in the am. Seems to be the best economical trap for multispecies (given the swivels, chain, baseplate, and pan)
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I'm seriously considering these as well and just 4 coiling them. I would prefer to buy the MB550s for fox/coyote sets, but the price tag is up there. I run some MB650s and love them for specifically targeting bobcat and coyote.
I'm interested to hear if anyone is consistently holding yotes (or losing them) with the new 1.75s. My supplier didn't get any out on the field this season since they only came out in September so he's not 100% sure about coyotes, but looking at them he says he can't see any reason why they wouldn't work even though they're a tad on the light side.
I might grab a few to try. Does Johnson's still have them
Last time I was there I seen a couple....don't know how many he has better call
I think that #1.75 might be the perfect fox trap for dirt holes.

The new #2 Bridger offsets come standard baseplated now too.
MTP just keeps making things better and better.
I can't wait to get my hands on those #3 Dogless they've been promising.....
I used some of the 1.75's later in the season and they worked out real well. I didn't have any yote's step in any so I can't say anything about those animals but I can tell you that a 30lb bobcats foot will fit in then nicely.
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nice carpcatcher! I figure it would be more than enough for fox, I was curious about yotes and I forgot to mention the really occassional cats, because I do live in cat country
for me though, cats get a duke #4, aint messin around when it comes to cats now buddy
The springs soften quickly on the 1.75 and I have found that is the case with most Bridger traps.

The jawspread is more of a 1.5 size-class trap. The pan is on the small side and it takes a bit of adjustment to get rid of the pan creep.

I am not a big fan of the trap.
I used a few of the offsets last year. Some coons did pull out but they are offset so that was to be expected. Did good on fox, but you should file the corners of the offset cutouts smooth to not tear the leg. Didnt catch a coyote.
I have both the 1 1/2's and 2's, I like them both. Need a little tuning out of the box but that is all part of it. The price is right and I think they would make a good trap.
Sold a bunch this year everyone loved them. They will hold every coyote that steps in them. The pan is set up in a way that the paw is buried. In its price range and jaw spread you won't find a better trap.
thanks guys!
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