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What do real archers say to compound archers?

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I see you still have your training wheels on your bow.

Note** I shoot and hunt with a compound, this is a joke.
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I admit that I was a snob. All my buddies switched to compound bows in the early 1980's but I kept shooting my Red Wing Hunter recurve bow for many years. In 1990, I commissioned a take down recurve bow from Owen Jeffries. But in 1994, my wife gave me a BEAR Whitetail II for Christmas which I pretended to like at the time. I shot it and was amazed at the speed of my arrows. Compound bows really are much faster! But a painful elbow injury that never healed properly ended my archery hobby. However, in 2008 I bought a second hand Ten Point crossbow for a very fair price and never looked back. Crossbows are not for everyone but I like mine a lot. So it goes. - TR
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Anyone remember those T shirts that said "Chuck Adams wouldn't understand." Trad guys used to wear them.
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