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On what day of buck season have you got a buck with a gun?
I have taken a few on the first day but most of mine were taken on Wednesday to Saturday. Also a few on the last day!

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I havnt gotten many bucks but had some opportunities and the majority have come thursday the first week until the end of the season. I have only had a small number of buck encounters on opening day.

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We gather a group on the last Friday for drives on the furthest reaches of SGL. Less than a handful access all season. We have taken about a dozen buck the last 3 seasons! Also twice as many slick heads. Getting too old to drag 2 or 3 deer at a time!
Look forward to that day MORE than opening day.

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More on the second day than the first. Several on other week days during the first week. Quite a few first Saturday and a couple on the last day. Retired now so we will see how the second week goes on weekdays if I still have a tag.

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I'll give you more than you asked for, lol.

A buddy of mine from out of state is coming to hunt with me in rifle season. He's from an area where deer hunting is pretty tough, so I started jotting down my bucks and years I killed them, and with what. Just did this, actually, which is kind of ironic. It's also pretty interesting in that you can pretty clearly see when AR kicked in. My first hunting season was 1987.

1987 -
1988 -
1989 -
1990 -
1991 -
1992 -
1993 -
1994 -
1995 - 4pt; Rifle; 1st morning
1996 -
1997 -
1998 -
1999 -
2000 - 5pt; Bow
2001 -
2002 -
2003 - 8pt; Rifle; 1st evening
2004 - 7pt; Bow
2005 - 8pt; Rifle; 2nd Wednesday (Also biggest buck to date)
2006 -
2007 - 5pt; Bow
2008 -
2009 - 8pt; Rifle; 1st morning
2010 -
2011 - 8pt; Bow (in the snow on Halloween!)
2012 - 8pt; Bow
2013 - 7pt; Rifle; 1st day
2014 - 7pt; Rifle; 1st day
2015 -
2016 - 7pt; Bow

6 with a bow
6 with a rifle, of those, 5 were on the first day, and 4 were on the first morning.

All that said, I fully believe that bucks know when a hunter has and doesn't have a buck tag left. When I've used my tag, I've frequently seen bucks later in rifle season. One year, I was the only guy on the property who punched his tag, and on the last morning I saw a wide 8pt at 30 yards, lol. They just seem to know.
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