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What Call did You............

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What call did you use to kill your gobbler this season.....or miss your gobbler for that matter ?

Also, what kind of calls did you make to pull him in ?

I used a slate call on mine with some purrs and soft clucks. The slate call has been my go to for the last three or four years now. Not so much because it's what the birds wanted to hear but the fact that I think it's what I sound the most natural with and have the most confidence in.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Rick Harro Deadly Double (Aluminum over slate) and a Perfection Raspy D diaphram for Ohio bird. Aggressive cuts and yelps to get him coming, soft clucks and purrs to seal the deal.

Austy Bott Trumpet to kill my first rainy day NY bird. Nothing but soft clucks.

Screamin' Deamon glass with cuts and yelps to start and Raspy D diaphragm purrs to kill NY bird #2.

Soft yelps on a Lee Bowles slate from several positions and soft purrs on the diaphragm to kill first Pa. bird.
I used my own call, which I named the Northern Scratchbox. A few yelps, a few purrs and clucks, then I hit him with fighting purrs. It's almost unfair.

Hooks mouth call solely in Jr season for a Jake at 10:50AM. And Hooks mouth call with a little Pat Strawser glass call for my two year old yesterday.
Kelly Cooper mouth calls are the only calls i use. I killed a good one this morning using clucks.
Homemade Slate, and 2 yelps did the trick. I finally learned more { calling} isn't better..
Used 2 pot called I built on today's birds...started with a blasted crystal over slate double call running the slate side...

Put a move on them and switched to a double sided blasted aluminum over slate running the aluminum side..

Ran a locust striker on both...

Soft yelps, and mostly clucks and purrs and leaf scratching...
I've got a question....those of you who only used soft clucks, was this a blind calling situation from a likely spot? Or was this a bird you set up close to him on the roost and got him gobbling at you first?
Yesterday's bird fell to a 30 year old Lynch Fool Proof box call.
I used a telephone IGA to order a 20 pounder
I use a Gulvas masters choice or a woodhaven red wasp 99% of the time.Last week,my kid and I got pinned down and the only call I had out was a Mike Lapp push pin.I didn't want to dig a mouth call out of my vest so I just worked them with the Lapp call.I bought that call for my son so he could learn the right rhythm and cadence with and we've killed 3 gobblers in the last two years using that call almost exclusively.I usually have the best luck with a red wasp in my mouth.
I am still 0 for myself but the calls I used on the birds for my nephew and buddy are:

Tipton Creek Mouth call - both birds
Mark Cornelious Pot call(glass over glass) both birds
Austin Hornberger cost style box- just my nephews bird

LOL I might as well use an air horn at least that might make them gobble for me now. SHeesh. LOL
I am as basic as it comes when turkey hunting and I don't carry many calls. I use only two and that's a pot made by Andy (callmaker60) and a Matt Van Cise mouth call. Killed my Ohio bird with my slate.
Brian D said:
I've got a question....those of you who only used soft clucks, was this a blind calling situation from a likely spot? Or was this a bird you set up close to him on the roost and got him gobbling at you first?
my nephews bird we set up in a blind location, and I just clucked on the hornberger boxe everyonce in a while. he fired up, and to be honest I think I could have brought him in just using clucks, but I wanted to use some other calls and such. Not really a smart move but it made him gobble more and made the hunt more exciting for my nephew.
i pretty much only use mouth calls once i sit down to work a bird now. i always use a mark mclaughlin box call to locate while running and gunning. this year i'm using a knight and hale prosecutor, and a knight and hale smoke n fire. I also use a millcreek valley turkey reaper. (killed a bird this year on the turkey reaper)
Cody glass in Pa.
Primos slate call and primos mouth call. Clucks, purrs and yelps with slate. Just yelps with mouth call 3 times to get his attention and seal the deal once I had gun ready.
Lynch World Champion Box #102 did the trick for the 5th year in a row on the 1st day, same blind, same spot, yelps to bring him, and clucks and purrs to get him closer.
Cody Slate call, HS Strut mouth call and Primos alumislate. I used all three of them on both my birds.
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